Taking Business without Borders to the Next Level

KFX + incorporates international and local clearing into your payments and our FX platform, enabling you to build the international banking experience you deserve. Unlike other banking service providers, KFX + works in the background as you conduct your own daily transactions.

The world is becoming a smaller place; our customers are trading more and more internationally and want the same level of service on a global scale as domestically. KFX + gives our customers the unique ability to receive, convert, and payout funds in over 30+ currencies using their own named account details allowing them to differentiate, win market share and grow their business – fast.

Our Customer Experience

Our customers are used to a great experience when it comes to domestic transactions, so why not international? With KFX +, our customers can receive and payout funds in different currencies using their own named account details. Payment fees and rates are clear and transparent, so our customers always know what to expect.

Providing unparalleled access to global payment networks is the key to allow our clients to get to market quickly and focus on expanding their business. It’s possible, armed with KFX +, to hold balances in multiple currencies, be open to more markets, and pay suppliers without unnecessary FX fees.

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