Effective currency hedging is a balancing act. One that requires you to ignore every distraction around you, and stay focused on your end goal.

Currency Redefined

KFX was formed to give customers a real alternative to making international transfers. We wanted something different from the expensive cross-border money transfers that are provided elsewhere. We believe that money transfers don’t need to be convoluted, complicated processes; it should be simple.

We provide the platform to enable customers worldwide to make simple, commission-free international transfers at the very best rates, safe in the knowledge that their transaction is completely safe and secure.

A key to our success is that we’re large enough to manage the biggest transfers, yet small enough to ensure that the transfer service our customers receive is personal and tailored to their needs. And that’s something we’ll never lose.


Money Services Exchange Services


Hold multiple currencies within your vault and transfer funds between accounts at ZERO cost.


KFX has unmatched access to live inter-bank exchange rates, ensuring that your transfer rate is the locked in rate. No hidden fees – No Surprises.


KFX uses the world’s most trusted payment platform, ensuring your transfers are completed quickly and reliably.


Register your free business or personal account, tell us the amount and the currency you are selling or buying, and who you are sending to, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Action your instruction and we will take care of transferring the funds to the requested account. Funds will normally be deposited within 24-48 hours (please see our payment timelines). As soon as the transaction has been completed and your beneficiary has received the funds, we will notify you.


Transfer your funds using a bank transfer. The funds are held in a segregated account, ensuring its safety and once received, we will notify you. The KFX platform is available 24/7 and we’re here to help.


At KFX, we believe in simplicity and that’s what we’ve done. Simple and easy to use, all you need to tell us is the amount you are selling and the applicable currency, and we’ll take care of the rest!


By using segregated accounts with Barclays Bank, we can reassure you that your funds are always 100% safe and secure. We are partnered with the world’s most trusted payment platform that is fully approved by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.


KFX connects you to live interbank exchange rates and shows you what you are getting for your money, completely transparent Once the transaction has been set up, you will be able to transfer the funds within seconds. Add single or multiple beneficiaries, decide on the amount you wish to send, and add your currency choice – that’s all there is to it.