Looking to work within an environment that helps you reach your potential? Looking to build a future in Fintech?

At KFX Services we are constantly looking for like minded individuals with career motivation as well as knowledge to jump start and build their career. We also understand the importance of providing a business environment entered around knowledge and informations sharing. Our work environment is centred around building life long skills, team working capabilities as well as business relationships and strong careers. Additionally, we want all of our employees to have strong work ethics as well as be motivated, enthusiastic and independent.

Furthermore, at KFX Services we understand and value the importance of individual growth, as such we provide a multitude of career opportunities that allow all of our employees to grow at their own pace and independently. Our Student and New Graduate career programs have been set up given that we value new perspectives and ideas from different individuals. Additionally, such Student and New Graduate career programs encourage you to contribute in all aspects of the business, and provide such individuals with the opportunity to work with likeminded individuals.

Get your career off to a bright start with KFX. Contact us today for more details about our Student and New Graduate programs, and other career opportunities within our company.

Career Requirements

  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying, satisfied customers.
  • Work fewer hours yet benefit from greater rewards.
  • Manage time efficiently and effectively in order to achieve more.
  • Improve leadership and team working skills to manage your team from the front.
  • Automate your business to drive growth.
  • Attain skills to achieve personal growth.

“KFX is a global FX powerhouse. Established in 2019, our excellent business relationships built on years of trust have helped us grow so effectively”. Harry Boardman, CSO